Watch Phoscrete Shot-Gun quickly applied to a bridge column for MoDot on I-44 in St Louis Misouri in sub-freezing temperatures (28 deg F). The gunning application was completed in 8 minutes and the finishing was completed in 15 minutes for a total application time of less than 24 minutes! Phoscrete Shot-Gun works in all climates and forms a permanent, chemical bond with the host concrete, stopping rust and permanently repairing the structure. Phoscrete Shot-Gun is designed for vertical/overhead gunning (dry-shotcrete) applications. For more information about our concrete repair materials, please visit
These are movies that show how applications are applied. Please click on the blue text to have the movie appear. Some movies download in bottom corner and you have to click after they download.
403G-50sec IMGP2828 Thermbond insulating gunning
hand finishing F-4AG IMGP2850 Thermbond refractory video
Thermbond F6-AG Gunning Repair Thermbond refractory gunning
Thermbond 12L rammable for repairs Power (E)
Thermbond 7002 Castable


SUPERIOR MAGNETIC WATER CONDITIONING - IRRIGATION the most compelling is in the refinery and chemical process side with our VectorWall. Mt Piper Thermbond F15-R rammable burner repairs