Power Generation

Achieved unique results with new refractory in biomass energy for a new linear hearth downdraft gasification design seeking rapid heat up and combustion.
Achieved refractory innovation for new coal carbonization plant design.
Carried out slag analysis, thermal cycling and other test work through CSIRO to present a new method of permanent repair to existing fired refractory in Power boilers and ductwork.
Recommended a new method of permanent concrete pavement repair to Power industry for high strength repairs around cooling systems and troublesome concrete areas.
Achieved the “first” sale of an advanced refractory system to replace alloy steel components in burner tip assemblies in boilers.
Supplied the innovative rapid refractory repair Thermbond castable for repairs to boiler ductwork, burners, boiler nose repairs, penthouse repairs, ash hopper repairs and other areas.
Recommended new abrasion resistant Ceraforte precast shapes for burners

Ceramic Tile and Baking Rubber

ceramic ceramic rubber
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