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Phoscrete Introduces 2012 MALP Concrete Repair Product Line

Three years of successful installations, independent testing, and highly positive feedback from Bridge and Pavement Maintenance Crews and Engineers across the USA contributed to the development and introduction this month of Phoscrete's new lineup of three products especially designed for Departments of Transportation.

All Phoscrete Concretes are cementitious materials (rigid) with polymer-like (flexible) properties. Phoscrete withstands heavy stresses such as freeze-thaw cycling and does not show shrinkage cracking.

Phoscrete Four-Seasons The go-to concrete repair material for horizontal and form-and-pour permanent repairs, Phoscrete Four-Seasons works in all temperatures. Instead of water, Phoscrete formulations mix with a Liquid Activator (freezing point -20°F) Using Phoscrete Four-Season’s unique Fast-Set Admix or Slow-Set Admix, Phoscrete can be used in just about any climate. All Phoscrete formulations chemically bond to host concrete. Phoscrete works where others can't in difficult installations such as bridge headers and heavily trafficked roadways.

Phoscrete VO-Plus Vertical and overhead repairs are now easy with Phoscrete VO-Plus. Phoscrete is simple to trowel and its tenacious chemical bond seems to defy gravity! Phoscrete Shot-Gun Shotcrete/Gunite is rapidly gaining acceptance as the method of choice for bridge pier, column and beam repairs. Phoscrete Shot-Gun is fast, free from cracks, and can even be used in temperatures below freezing. Phoscrete’s binder system converts iron oxide (Fe2O3) into metal phosphates (FePO4).

All Phoscrete formulations naturally dissolve rusted rebar surfaces and inhibit future corrosion. To find out if Phoscrete is right for you, call 0242956915, or click on our Contact Form.