Iron and Steel

Achieved a successful saving of approximately A$20 million to local steel mill through an innovative, refractory recommendations, technical development, installation supervision and performance for Blast Furnace stove repairs in 2001.
Modified ladle lining refractory as needed to better fit operational parameters.
Carried out failure analysis, recommended changes and wrote standard practice for chemical bond castable installation for walking beam furnaces, plate mill furnaces, sealas furnaces, ladle preheating stations and sinter plant combustion refractory.
Provided the refractory recommendation for permanent hot-gunning repairs to existing fired refractory in pellet plant stack and induration furnace.
Determined reasons for catastrophic failure of ladle pre-heater lid burner block assembly, interfaced and worked with hourly personnel to obtain a new repaired burner block, demonstrating the refractory quality and installation procedure. Supervised their installation at the customer’s plant. Burner block was repaired and back in service 2 hours after the repair and provided over 2 years service.
Introduced new refractory and applications dossier to steel mill refractory management to decrease operating costs where refractory is the root cause of failure.
Provided supplier quality specifications and in house testing procedures of new ladle purge plugs, ladle SG plate systems, determined the main variables in cooperation with the steel mill application officer that affect the performance and life to achieve stirring rate target of greater than 98%.
Worked in a team environment with all steel mill application personnel to find a better and more reliable engineering method to reduce costs and improve refractory life.

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