Product Characteristics

• Improve Turn-Around Schedules
• Chemically Bonded Repairs
• Fast Setting
• Fast Firing
• Improve Performance
• Thermal Shock Resistance
• Thermal Cycling Resistance
• Non-Wetting
• Resists Coking

Thermbond 7000 Series High Performance Wear Products

7000 Series High-Performance Materials:
• Very dense hybrid bonded products offering higher strengths than Formula Series materials
• High Erosion Resistance
• High CCS
• Water Based Mixes
• For full thickness applications

Thermbond - Two Component Phosphate Bonded Products

These are our original line of Thermbond  products – formula, heatbrake, thermbrake and concrete!
These productscome in two parts: a premeasured dry 
material and a premeasured liquid  component.
Each of these families of products has its own unique 
liquid component, or Activator.
Formula series is a line of dense monolithic refractories 
ranging in alumina content from  50% to tabular alumina
Thermbrake series is a line of lightweight monolithics designed for use at intermediate temperatures and 
back‐up linings
Heatbrake series is a line of medium weight monolithics designed for hot face linings and higher temperatures 
than Thermbrake series.
Concrete series is a line of monolithic designed for cold applications where intermittent  spikes in temperature may occur or where chemical 
attack is a problem. Bulletin added 2020.


Thermbond Refractories Product Line Review

Thermbond line of refractory products has evolved from being just "repair materials" to an extensive line of products that can be used for quick repairs, full thickness, precast shapes shop installed linings and insulation solutions.

Thermbond can be a solution for you and your company.

High abrasion and impact resistance
• Molten metal resistance
• Extreme thermal shock resistance
• High temperature insulating performance
• Installation features for large quantity placement
• Repair capabilities -Bonding to existing material
• Extreme fast firing properties


furnace mineral products
Furnace Mineral Products (Canada)

Furnace Mineral Products is the recognized global leader in spray-applied ceramic coatings for boiler fireside protection in the Power Generation industry. As a full service industrial ceramic coatings company, Furnace Mineral Products manufactures and applies its own line of proprietary high temperature ceramic coatings designed to prolong the life expectancy of critical boiler components by addressing slag buildup, erosion and corrosion.

Advanced Material Technologies Pty Ltd is the Australian agent for this company.

Before coating install

burner with upper eyebrow buildup

Grit blast burner area back to white metal

We’re the thought leaders. The researchers. The innovators. The tech geeks. We’re the refractory partners who won’t melt when the heat is on, who live to solve your greatest challenges. Every day at HWI, we design solutions that help improve efficiencies, make installations easier, extend campaign lives, and save customers millions of dollars. And it all begins with our intensely driven service teams.


Thermstrong products are a quality assured line of materials and consist of extensive heat insulation materials and high temperature refractories. 
Thermstrong products include ceramic fibre and non-ceramic fibre products, rockwool glass fibre wool insulation, insulation fire bricks and electro-fused cast brick for high performance. 
Thermstrong refractory products feature durability and reliability within industrial equipment, building construction, transport vehicles, ship building for heat insulation management and to provide energy savings.

superior water conditioner


Efficiency water treatment without chemicals in controlling calcium and magnesium scale accumulation in recirculating open tower water cooling systems and pipelines.
The Superior Water Treatment Water Conditioner has been utilised since 1964 to control lime/scale and corrosion without the use of chemicals in boilers, cooling towers, food service equipment and many other commercial and industrial applications.

Blasch Ceramics

Blasch Ceramics

Founded in 1979, Blasch Precision Ceramics, Inc., an Albany, NY based ceramics manufacturer, produces net shape, highly engineered ceramic products and refractory components for a wide variety of industrial markets worldwide. These industries include specialty alloy production, non-ferrous metal processing, chemical/petrochemical processing, power generation, industrial process heating and mining.