Aluminium Smelter

Carried out functions as refractory and metallurgical application specialist for development, design and support of improved refractory lining materials in melting, holding and carbon bake furnaces and high temperature equipment, with the view to implementing the use of advanced ceramics and new materials in many applications.
Analyzed reasons for excessive refractory wear of aluminium melting and holding furnace sidewalls and slag lines, launders, filtration systems, induction melting, carbon bake furnace brick and castable construction and the recommended changes in refractory and installation procedures.
Achieved the first permanent chemical bond refractory repair to holding furnaces in the primary aluminum smelting industry in Australia and New Zealand.
Introduced new refractory and applications dossier to Carbon bake management to decrease operating costs where refractory is the root cause of failure.
Provide a service as a Senior application specialist in all facets of aluminium melting and casting practice.

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