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Advanced Material Technologies Pty Ltd was established in 2010 and is headquartered in Wollongong NSW Australia. We are a leading trader company in Australia supplying a wide range of commodities, systems and raw materials to users in environmental, mining, metallurgical, iron, steel, petro-refineries, power generation, cement and lime, mineral processing, chemical, civil, and foundry industries in Australia and as well as to customers in Oceania and SE Asian countries. Advanced Material Technologies Pty Ltd operates within a Worldwide network of business relationships. Advanced Material Technologies Pty Ltd sources commodities and raw materials from USA, China, India, South Africa, Brazil and European countries. The business specializes in supply of innovative water conditioning systems, fuel efficiency systems for oil and gas, ceramic coatings for Power boilers, advanced ceramics for wear resistance, alloys, metals, minerals like metallurgical coke, graphite electrodes, recarburizers, refractories and other additives. In addition to our trading activities, Advanced Material Technologies Pty Ltd is well known for its service, quality, price and delivery. The company can stock materials based on terms and contract arrangements where applicable.

One Source. Dynamic Solutions. Related Services.
We offer a complete refractory material and services package known as AMT
(Advanced Material Technologies Pty Ltd).
The prime functions of AMT are:
1. Material Selection
2. Pre-planning and engineering
3. Stock management
4. Procurement of materials
5. Installation services
6. Technical services and support
7. Refractory condition monitoring and inspection services
8. Quality Assurance of materials

AMT also incorporates contract maintenance, project planning, quality control and assisting with the design of refractory linings and anchor systems in a diverse range of industries.
Our Refractory Division specializes in:

  • Expert material selection for all types of applications Skilled refractory technicians and engineers to ensure the highest quality outcomes
  • Supplying the latest and most innovative technology
    On time services for critical project completion schedules
  • Meet all safety and environment expectation for our installation services
    Deliver project management within the customer’s budget
  • AMT offers Multi-Service Expertise for all Refractory and High Temperature applications:

We have always strived toward satisfying our clients with solving refractory problems with cost effective solutions and improved performance. Our experience covers a wide range of furnaces and plant configurations and includes the following:

Our experience covers a wide range of furnaces and plant configurations and includes the following:

Non ferrous plants Iron and Steel plants Aluminium plants

  • Cement and Lime plants
  • Carbon bake furnaces
  • Electric arc furnaces
  • Shaft Kilns
  • Copper flash furnaces Converters Melting furnaces
  • Tunnel kilns Fluid Catalytic Furnaces Reformer furnaces
  • Boilers Sulphur reactors crematorium furnaces
  • Sulphur Reactors
  • Shaft kilns Rotary kilns Roasters Calciners
  • Incinerators Pressure leach tanks
  • Heat treatment furnaces
  • Acid plants Coke Ovens
  • Launder and transfer systems
  • Concrete shapes
  • Heat Treatment Furnaces
  • Carbon bake furnaces

AMT has established outstanding supply relationships with local and international refractory manufacturers with a 5 star rating. This would ensure the supply of a wide range of high quality premium grade refractory materials supported by competitive pricing. With the financial interest of our clients we can manage a refractory store for our clients, provide consignment stock, procurement and stock management services.

AMT provides all types of refractory installation, including bricks, light weight and dense gunning and /or casting grade material, advanced Thermbond and Phoscrete technology chemical bond castable where no dryout is required, high technology low cement castables, plastic and ramming masses and shotcreting installation of castables.

We welcome all refractory installation works including maintenance and breakdown repairs, major outage installations, brown field and green field installations.


Commissioning schedules for hydraulic castables and specialties are developed to provide a controlled dry-out and heat-up in accordance with material specification for all refractory materials used in the installation project. The schedule would significantly reduce the chance of steam explosion or thermal spalling and assist in maximizing the operational life of the lining. In every situation we would evaluate and recommend Thermbond refractory for rapid repairs and full construction. There is NO dry out required and small risk of steam explosion and spalling. The heat up rate after the installation is fast at 260 degC per hour to operating temperature. On completion of the installation our clients receive a Project Quality Report containing signed off ITP and installation QA documents, application data and a summary of all materials used, marked up “as-built” working drawings and dry out records.

Condition Monitoring

AMT are able to provide a clear and accurate overview of the refractory performance, allowing continued analysis and ongoing refinement and evaluation. ATM works in tandem with the client’s process and engineering management team to improve any lining design to meet process requirements.

Safety and Environment Expectations

Advanced Material Technologies Pty Ltd are committed to meeting your expectations in a safe, responsible and environmentally friendly manner that respects the safety and health of our employees, customers and the communities in which we operate.
At AMT safety planning and awareness is a standard feature of our design process and field operation planning. We are compliant with legislation and provide provide safe working environments for all our operational personnel.

Our Long Term Focus:

We are committed to establishing long term partnerships with our clients. Our workmanship is of the highest quality.

Related Services

  • High pressure water jetting for refractory demolition and cleaning
  • High wear abrasion resistant precast shapes
  • Surface preparation and protective coatings
  • Advanced ceramics engineering

Advanced Material Technologies Pty Ltd is at your service for the supply of all chemical, refractory and high temperature materials, alloyed metals and refractory minerals.

Advanced Material Technologies was formed in 2010 we have the agency partnership for import and supply of Thermbond and Phoscrete chemical bond castable, Harbison Walker International Refractories, Furnace Mineral Products/Wheretec Ceramic Coatings, Superior Water Conditioners and Fuel Treatment systems and Thermstrong thermal insulation products. Our range of products and services are targeted at the mining, agriculture, metallurgical, chemical, combustion, power and civil markets. We welcome all enquiries for materials you have problems sourcing and in particular where you seek competitive pricing for quality products.