Thermbond Concretes:


Unlike any other cementitious material on the market, THERMBOND forms a chemical bond to dried damaged concrete creating a strong, permanent, rapid repair. THERMBOND requires NO water to set. THERMBOND is supplied as a 2 part mix, a dry component and a unique wet component known as the "liquid activator". Simply add the THERMBOND dry component to the liquid and mix for 30 seconds, empty out of mixer and place rapidly, minutes later, it is ready for traffic. Thermbond concretes have NO dry-out requirement saving the customer large amounts of time and money in repairs! Before THERMBOND CONCRETE it was often necessary to completely replace, or continually patch deteriorated concrete structures to watch fail over and over.

THERMBOND'S new technology now makes it possible to permanently repair large industrial pavements, bridge structures, runways, roads, curbs driveways, patios, porches, floors, and other concrete surfaces.

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WATER CONDITIONER RESIDENTIAL Thermbond chemical bond refractory ramming FMP Canada partnered


Thermbond Refractories

THERMBOND repairs will last as long as the original structure with no cold joint issues or de-lamination defects. Twice as strong as high strength hydraulic bond concrete structures!

Advanced Material Technologies Pty Ltd partners STELLAR MATERIALS USA, MAGNATECH USA and FMP Canada for the supply of Energy efficient products and systems. These include specialised refractory and civil concretes, H.T. ceramic coating systems, SUPERIOR magnetic field units for fuel and water treatment used within the Power utility industry, mining industry agricultural industry, commercial and manufacturing industry. The products are proven solutions for permanent concrete repairs not requiring dry out, water conservation, scale and corrosion removal and the fuel treatment system would assist in reducing fuel consumption by 5-9%, capping greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the carbon footprint.


Furnace Mineral Products (Canada)

Furnace Mineral Products is the recognized global leader in spray-applied ceramic coatings for boiler fireside protection in the Power Generation industry. As a full service industrial ceramic coatings company, Furnace Mineral Products manufactures and applies its own line of proprietary high temperature ceramic coatings designed to prolong the life expectancy of critical boiler components by addressing slag buildup, erosion and corrosion.

Advanced Material Technologies Pty Ltd is the Australian agent for this company.

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burner with upper eyebrow buildup

Grit blast burner area back to white metal



Efficiency water treatment without chemicals in controlling calcium and magnesium scale accumulation in recirculating open tower water cooling systems and pipelines.
The Superior Water Treatment Water Conditioner has been utilised since 1964 to control lime/scale and corrosion without the use of chemicals in boilers, cooling towers, food service equipment and many other commercial and industrial applications.